spinal cord injury

It is known that most people with a spinal cord injury or a wheelchair due to another neurological reason suffer from serious (hidden) obesity. It can be concluded from this that the current diet, as well as composition and guidelines, are not effective.

Being in a wheelchair poses a lot more health problems than most of us know. When you end up in a wheelchair, your body is not only forced to deal with the direct impacts of your paralysis, such as physical pain and psychological stress, but it also has to deal with biochemical and hormonal changes that increase the risk of many chronic diseases. . A wheelchair life is top sport, and healthy aging is a major challenge.

Sit Smart Lifestyle Program

The aim of the Sit Smart Lifestyle Intervention is to reduce, treat or
reversing potentially life-threatening secondary health complications,
such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, by means of a structured
treatment program of healthy nutrition, more exercise, and behavioral change.

Why choose Sit Smart?

The Sit Smart Lifestyle program with a full plant-based diet, which automatically leads to calorie restriction, stress management and more exercise results in:

  • Weight loss (7%)
  • Better body composition
  • Vastly improved triglyceride and total cholesterol levels
  • Improving overall health and well-being
  • Increased energy levels and less fatigue

The results show a favorable development of the
body composition. In other words, fat mass decreases, while muscle mass remains the same. Pure health gain!

Due to the positive results, this stimulates patients to maintain healthy behavior. Through a healthy diet, it takes emotional
well-being. This makes the self-image more positive, which leads to an increase
of movement activities. The patients who have a job say less
sick leave at work.
Patients who did not exercise or did sports have started to do so or have the
intensity increased. Emphasis on the treatment is on a healthy
diet, especially on the composition (energy intake) by a
reduced energy requirement

Research by the Lifestyle Docs

Nutrition & Lifestyle Intervention Program to Address Obesity and CVD Risks in Persons With SCI

A twelve-person case series of persons with chronic paraplegia or tetraplegia, a lifestyle intervention program involving a whole food plant-based diet, that automatically resulted in calorie restriction, stress management and excerise training, resulted in clinically significant weight loss and a better body composition. This also improves triglycerides and total cholesterol (plasma) levels and the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Sit Smart Diet - eBook

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THE COMPLETE NUTRITION PROGRAM FOR WHEELCHAIRS Annemarie de Vries-Postma and Dr. Kees Hein Woldendorp (rehabilitation doctor) Packed with delicious, simple...

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  • Start with the proven method for the very best result
  • Take back control of your health
  • Feel better and look better

Treatment program and BOD POD

Due to the altered metabolism and change in body composition,
many wheelchair users suffer from “hidden overweight”. For example, you can use 1.75
m, weigh 53 kg, lead a very physically active life (or even be an elite wheelchair athlete
are), have a so-called 'perfect' BMI, and yet have an inner fat percentage of over 40. We see this in practice in our measurements with
the BOD POD unfortunately often. This means that you are morbidly obese without realizing it
realizes. Many wheelchair users therefore wrongly think: “I am slim, therefore healthy”. While in reality they have a much higher risk of diabetes, among other things,
cardiovascular disease and death than is assumed if there is
based on weight and BMI - instead of measuring body composition.

BOP POD measurement

Visceral fat cannot be measured by standing/sitting on a scale. The only scientific way to measure body composition is
through a Bid Pod measurement (the “gold standard”). We recommend that you do such a measurement at least once or twice a year - and even more often if you change your eating pattern, so that you can clearly see the effect of your new eating habits. Such a measurement is easy, affordable and accurate. Our experience is that this often motivates people enormously to continue on the newly embarked healthy path full of enthusiasm.

Success stories from happy patients

  • 29 kilo kwijt zonder extra bewegen

    , by TheLifestyleDocs Admin Lose 29 kilos without extra exercise

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  • In korte tijd geen diabetes meer, 13 kilo lichter en helemaal medicatievrij

    , by TheLifestyleDocs Admin No more diabetes in a short time, 13 kilos lighter and completely medication-free

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  • Ruim 14 kg kwijt en diabetesvrij door plantaardig eten

    , by TheLifestyleDocs Admin Lost more than 14 kg and diabetes-free through plant-based food

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