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Overweight in children

More and more children are overweight. Excessive sitting, inactivity and a wrong diet play a crucial role in this. Overweight means that your child is overweight and has too much body fat. A BODPOD measurement immediately and accurately shows how much body fat it is, and what health risks your child runs as a result.

Being overweight has many disadvantages for a child, such as shame, insecurity, being bullied and difficulty moving. Being overweight at a young age increases the chance that someone will also suffer from obesity later on. An overweight child is also more likely to develop high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and joint problems later in life.

(Pre)Diabetes type 2 in children

Children with type 2 diabetes are very rare in the Netherlands. According to the Diabetes Fund, there are only a few hundred children with type 2 diabetes in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, this group is growing faster because children are getting heavier, and the number of children with type 2 diabetes is increasing proportionally. Obesity and heredity play by far the most important role in children with type 2 diabetes.

In the Netherlands, medication is used in children with type 2 diabetes to immediately achieve safe blood glucose levels. Subsequently, work must be done on a healthy lifestyle, which mainly requires adjustments to diet and exercise. As a result, a child will lose weight, so that the diabetes medication can also be reduced.

Healthy Kids Lifestyle Program

The treatment of overweight, obesity and type 2 diabetes are bundled in our lifestyle program for children. In the Healthy Kids Lifestyle Program of The Lifestyle Docs, we explain to parents and children how obesity develops, and that it is not so much eating too much, but eating the wrong thing that is the cause.

Treatment is aimed at stabilizing blood sugar balance and insulin levels. As a parent(s), you will receive clear information about which foods your child can eat best – and which ones not.

You will also immediately receive fun and simple recipes and useful tips & tricks to get started with healthy food for the whole family right away.

Your child's weight loss process is closely monitored evidence-based with BODPOD measurements.


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