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  • Afslankmedicatie & Leefstijlgeneeskunde: een krachtige combinatie

    Slimming Medication & Lifestyle Medicine: a powerful combination

    Weight-loss medications and lifestyle medicine can be a powerful combination for individuals looking to lose weight, especially those who have long struggled with obesity or...

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  • Verander je voeding, verander je leven!

    Change your diet, change your life!

    You should not hear otherwise: excessive sitting is deadly. For body, mind and zest for life. For example, excessive sitting leads to an increased risk...

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  • Het gedeelde karma van mens en dier

    The shared karma of man and animal

    The extent to which the fate of humans and animals is intertwined is once again apparent with the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19). It is...

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  • Koolhydraatarm dieet

    low-carb diet

    Low-carb diets raise cholesterol Eating a low-carb diet can raise total cholesterol, especially if the carbohydrates are replaced with animal proteins and fats, such as...

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