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Results Lifestyle treatments

  • 13% average weight loss

    13% average weight loss

    Our patients achieved a sustainable average weight loss of 13%

  • 1.4% HbA1c

    1.4% HbA1c

    A reduction in the blood glucose level (0.1% per kg of weight loss)

  • 74% less medication

    74% less medication

    Less medication, which inspires patients to self-management and maintain sustainable weight loss

  • Discover our treatments

    Discover our treatments

    We specialize in obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

  • Online store

    Online store

    Products for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Fewer chronic diseases

    Fewer chronic diseases

    Reducing the number of people with a chronic illness and reducing the use of medicines.

  • Reduce health care costs

    Reduce health care costs

    Together we ensure a healthy lifestyle, without sky-high costs. Reducing individual and social health costs.

  • Making healthy living fun!

    Making healthy living fun!

    We want to make healthier living fun, tasty, affordable – and therefore accessible and feasible for everyone.

  • Training and guiding

    Training and guiding

    Educating healthcare providers, dietitians and medical professionals through lectures, masterclasses, train-the-trainer programs, books and a magazine.

Slimming Medication & Lifestyle Medicine: a powerful combination

Weight loss medications and lifestyle medicine can be a powerful combination for individuals who want to lose weight, and for all those who have struggled with obesity or weight-related health problems.

  • Individual customization
  • Improved and lasting results
  • Medical supervision from specialist

    With fork and knife diabetes
    to cure? It's possible!

    • Including delicious and simple 3 week eating plan
    • Detailed, simple, daily menus!
    • Ordered before 16:00, delivered tomorrow!

    Your body in 3 minutes
    know composition?

    How much inner fat do you have? How high is your risk of chronic diseases? How many calories do you burn and what does this mean for your diet?

    Products for a healthy lifestyle!

    View all products 

    View all products 

    Lifestyle Medicine Handbook

    The basis for every practice

    • The first Dutch manual with an up-to-date overview of the state of affairs in the field of lifestyle medicine
    • Practical, applicable and with practical examples
    • Guidelines for proven effective, sustainable lifestyle interventions
    What do our patients think of The Lifestyle Docs Clinics?

    What do our patients think of The Lifestyle Docs Clinics?

    Read experiences of our patients

    • I reversed my diabetes in a matter of weeks, lost 13 pounds and was soon able to completely stop meds. My eyes are also better and the neuropathy under my feet is almost completely gone. My doctor's mouth fell open!4/5 (Anneke Madna, age 65)
    • As a wheelchair user I lost 29 kilos in a relatively short time without extra exercise, my bowel movements have improved by 80%, wounds heal better and I no longer have the urge to eat (wrong) food.5/5 (Marc Richter, age 44)
    • Already after 2 weeks my blood sugar levels had dropped considerably and I felt a real difference. I was fitter and slept better and my blood pressure also decreased. I feel so much better about myself. I feel healthier, happier and my self-image is also improving.5/5 (Sherman Felomina, age 58)

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    Who are we? We are your lifestyle as medicine!

    Who are we? We are your lifestyle as medicine!

    The Lifestyle Docs Clinics is the center for lifestyle medicine in the Netherlands. We specialize in: obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

    Do you want to know what The Lifestyle Docs Clinics can do for you? Inquire about the possibilities.

    Call 088-4009990 or email

    Education, training and lectures

    • Develop yourself as a healthcare professional!

    We train healthcare professionals in lifestyle interventions for overweight, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis. We also offer additional training on the complex health problems and secondary complications of spinal cord injury.

    More information 

    They enjoyed our lectures and training sessions!

    Various nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and institutions have now followed our lectures and training courses, often in combination with medical meals and food workshops.

    • Questions or advice?<br> We are happy to help you!

      Questions or advice?
      We are happy to help you!

      One of our specialists will be happy to help you!

    • The SSD Plan Facebook group

      The SSD Plan Facebook group

      Want to share motivation, inspiration and experiences?

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