Success Stories

Success Stories

Inspiring stories from patients and other satisfied people who opted for the formula of The Lifestyle Docs Clinics.

How Mattie Lageveen overcame her rheumatoid arthritis

Mattie Lageveen (75) battled crippling pain for years, but everything changed when she started eating plant-based!

Mattie's health problems started in the spring of 1998. After some flu and a cold, she suddenly couldn't walk anymore within a week. Acute muscular rheumatism (PMR), as it turned out. This was accompanied by severe stiffness and pains. A doctor at the hospital told her to keep in mind that this could be the road to rheumatism, a wheelchair and the nursing home. Mattie: "I thought: never! That's when my fight against illness began."

Mattie's tips

  • Go for 100%
  • Do it together
  • Try it for 3 months
  • Plant-based food does more!
  • Think of all the positive “side effects”

Wonderful reactions from happy patients

Patient experiences after participating in one of our programs.

  • I can read for a long time again and the neuropathy under my feet is almost completely gone.5/5 Anne Madna
  • Already after three months my blood count was better and I could get rid of the Prednisolone.5/5 Matti Lageveen
  • Not only my body, but my whole life has become so much lighter.5/5 Mark Richter
  • I am happy and grateful that with the help of Annemarie and The Lifestyle Docs Clinics I was able to take back control of my body and health."5/5 Yolanda Horse Comb

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