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(H) honest recipes

(H) honest recipes

To enjoy and improve your lifestyle!


  • Gevulde avocado met ei-vrije eiersalade

    Stuffed avocado with egg-free egg salad

    This egg-free egg salad is something incredible. And that is because of the special dark Kala Namak salt. This salt is also called "Indian Black...

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  • Chiazaad-mango pudding

    Chia seed mango pudding

    This delicious fresh, healthy 'puddinkje' contains only a few ingredients and is made in a few minutes. Make it in advance so it can set...

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  • Scrambled tofu

    scrambled tofu

    A scrambled egg without egg, it's possible! It's very easy and quick to make, and it's delicious too. Try this scrambled tofu for breakfast or...

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