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BOD POD measure body composition

The BOD POD measurement

How much inner fat do you have? What is your risk of chronic diseases as a result? How many calories do you burn, whether at rest, sitting or when you are active? And what does this mean for your diet or fitness routine? Get measured!

The Lifestyle Docs Clinics has the only freely accessible BodPod in the Netherlands. You can contact us without a referral for a single BodPod measurement or a subscription. This way you can accurately monitor the effect of your diet and/or fitness progress. This is inspiring and motivating and provides insight, support and guidance. These measurements are not reimbursed by your health insurer but you must pay for them yourself.

Inquire about the options here or book your measurement directly here .

Measuring = eating!

Evidence-based eating starts with evidence-based measurement. Really healthy food is “functional” food, and goes beyond “fresh and unprocessed”. It means that your diet is tailored to your body composition and metabolism and the (potential) health risks or complaints you face.

"Body fat is a better predictor of a person's health than weight" . ~Donald D. Hensrud, MD, Mayo Clinic

Golden standard

A BOD POD measurement is the “gold standard” in the field of body composition. He tells you everything about your body composition and metabolism in less than 3 minutes. The Lifestyle Docs Clinics team is trained in interpreting these measurements. We provide you with tailor-made advice and help you make better nutritional choices, supplemented with information about behavioral change and exercise.

Hidden obesity

You can look slim and still have too high an inner fat percentage - and therefore have chronic complaints or a higher risk of chronic diseases than you might expect. This is also called “hidden obesity”.

Unconsciously obese

So many of us are obese, often without this being visible from the outside. This hidden excess weight is usually the result of high blood sugar and insulin levels. In addition, high blood sugar levels cause insulin resistance and diabetes 2 for many of us, while in fact there is no obesity.

Lifestyle and diet

This often occurs in people with a predominantly sedentary, inactive or wheelchair-bound lifestyle. A diet rich in sugar, breakfast cereals, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and dairy (and frequent alcohol use) also plays a major role in this.

Slim-fat people

This group of “skinny fat people” is increasing alarmingly worldwide. As a result, more and more slim people are suffering from lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Bodpod subscription

You can contact us for a single BodPod measurement or a subscription. This way you can accurately monitor the effect of your diet and/or fitness progress yourself (or with us). That is inspiring and motivating and provides support and guidance. Inquire about the possibilities here.

NB: If you follow a The Lifestyle Docs Clinics treatment program, the BodPod measurements are included.


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