Education & training

Education & training

Develop yourself as a healthcare professional!

The Lifestyle Docs Academy is the first training center for nutrition and lifestyle medicine (Lifestyle Medicine) in the Netherlands. We offer various education and training programs. Our courses are given by doctors and nutrition experts. Mastery of the English language is required to be able to read international studies and professional literature.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. (Benjamin Franklin)

  • Thelifestyledocs-dietisten


    We have a separate training for dietitians. The training is suitable for dietitians who want to increase their nutritional knowledge in the field of nutrition in overweight/adiposity, and cardio-metabolic diseases. They are introduced to the SSD power method and can obtain a license for it.

  • Thelifestyledocs-koks-cateraars

    Chefs and caterers

    We are also the only company in the Netherlands to offer medical cooking training for cooks and caterers. With this they specialize as professional Obesity and diabetes type 2 chefs. This training meets the growing need of hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes to make functional nutrition an integral part of their treatment processes. The training is given by doctors, nutritionists and professional diabetes chefs.

  • Thelifestyledocs-bedrijfsleven


    We offer lectures, training courses and workshops for the business community (employees, MT, cooks and/or caterers) about the health risks of excessive sitting (sedentary behaviour) and healthy eating at work. Depending on the budget and policy, it is possible to start short or longer projects with us to offer and encourage healthy eating at work.

Aanvullende opleidingen

Additional training

We provide additional training on the health risks of excessive sitting (sedentary behavior) and nutrition to prevent or reduce these risks. This can be voluntary sedentary behavior (due to work, for example) or involuntary (due to a wheelchair-bound existence). It may also concern patients who are sedentary and/or inactive after a stroke (CVA) or due to Cerebral Palsy (CP).

  • This training is very suitable for general practitioners, rehabilitation doctors and nursing staff in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.
Trainingen en bijscholing voor medische professionals

On-site training and further education for medical professionals

Want to give your medical staff and/or nursing staff further training at your local hospital or institution? That is also possible. We have now given lectures and training courses at many rehabilitation centres, nursing homes and institutions. Including at:

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