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Do you have a patient who is eligible for treatment of (severe) overweight, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis or lung covid?

Then you can refer this patient to us . But who are The Lifestyle Docs anyway? What does a treatment look like? And why should you choose us?

Here you will find the answers to these questions.


We are not yet affiliated with Zorgdomein, but we will soon be.

You can email the referral letter to info@thelifestyledocs.com stating:
OR "OBESITY REHABILITATION" or give it to your patient.

We will ask about this when he/she contacts us to make an appointment.

We are a medical specialist lifestyle clinic and since 2017 a leader in the treatment of patients with overweight, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis (“The Big Five”).

In recent years, Long Covid has been added to this and the number of patients treated by us has increased enormously. This is due to the success of our treatment and the fact that “The Big Five” are an increasing problem in our society.

We work together with Dutch health insurers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and GP practices. Our many years of experience and enormous (sustainable) results form the basis for this collaboration.

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What does a treatment look like?

Our treatment is state-of-the-art and unique. During an intensive lifestyle trajectory, the patient's body composition is first mapped out by means of a BodPod measurement (the gold standard in the field of body composition) and/or BIA measurement.

After the intake by the medical specialist, the patient starts a lifestyle programme. Depending on the (severity of the) condition, this can be individual or group. The patient learns about the effect of his/her lifestyle on his/her condition and participates in medical cooking workshops that help with behavioral change and the transition to a new lifestyle.

These medical cooking workshops are tailored to a person's specific complaint or illness, which has been shown to help reduce (or even completely reverse) symptoms. Patients who use medication are professionally guided in their reduction.

Consultation takes place between the practitioner (GP/internist/POH/DVK) prior to the start of our treatment. The patient's weight will be permanently reduced and the patient's quality of life will greatly improve.

Medical complaints and risks will also decrease and possibly even disappear.

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Benefits of Lifestyle Docs

  • After the referral, we take almost all the work off your hands. We take care of the screening, the lifestyle treatment plan and the follow-up process. As a referrer, we will keep you informed and we will consult with you if the patient's medication is to be reduced, but you do not have to do anything else yourself.
  • Due to our intensive pre- and post-process and the personal guidance, the motivation of participants is high, which contributes to a successful treatment. We notice that there is little drop-out or relapse, precisely because of the personal guidance, the insight that people gain into their own body, their own condition, the effect of dietary and lifestyle habits and contact with fellow sufferers.
  • The care of patients with lifestyle-related disorders requires the presence of a multidisciplinary team with sufficient knowledge and experience in this specialist field. That is why we only work with multidisciplinary treatment teams that are specialized in nutrition and lifestyle.
  • The treatment of lifestyle-related disorders takes a lot of time and can hardly or not be combined with the daily work in a general practice, rehabilitation center or hospital. We have several locations, but can be flexible in terms of location and work and work with ehealth as part of guidance or care.
  • When your patient loses weight, the symptoms resulting from type 2 diabetes will also decrease (or disappear). Other health complaints will also decrease or disappear, so there is a real chance that you will see a patient less often during your consultation. This also applies to patients with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Health insurers place high demands on the quality of medical indications and treatment, knowing that both the result and the risk of complications are directly related to this. As The Lifestyle Docs, we can meet these conditions.
  • Patients who start a lifestyle program often use various medicines. Usually the dosage of the antihypertensive and antidiabetic drugs can be reduced after a few weeks and often the medication can be stopped completely. The same applies to high blood pressure and rheumatism medication. Adequate monitoring by our medical specialist (usually in consultation with your own GP) is important in this phase.

Refresher training

The Lifestyle Docs regularly organizes refresher courses in the field of nutrition and lifestyle. These refresher courses are accredited and may be of interest to you as a medical professional. Fill in the form below and stay informed about the planned refresher courses.

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