Lose 29 kilos without extra exercise

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29 kilo kwijt zonder extra bewegen

How eating differently changed my life

Overweight, intestinal problems, pre-diabetes, low energy, badly healing wounds on his legs and feet. Bon vivant, hobby confectioner and wheelchair user Marc Richter (44) struggled with many health complications and he even had to miss his left lower leg due to recurring inflammations and infections. Under the guidance of the Lifestyle Docs, the turnaround came for him.

“Not only my body, but my whole life has become so much lighter.”
Being overweight is something that until recently ran like a red thread through his life. Not so strange in itself. For people who lead a wheelchair-bound existence, it is very difficult to maintain their weight due to the disturbed metabolism, lack of blood flow and movement. And once the extra weight is on, it's even more difficult, if not impossible, to get it off again.

The same goes for Marc Richter. “I have made many attempts to lose my weight since childhood. Even the pediatrician sent me to the dietician as a young boy. In my adult life I have really tried all the diets in the world. I fell off with that. But yes, I found it very difficult to persevere, didn't I? Especially since you are generally only allowed to eat little of it. I am a Burgundian and love to cook and bake. So that bothered me. I often thought: life should remain a bit fun”.


At the beginning of January 2019, Marc weighed 108 kilograms. His legs were like inflated balloons and his bowel problems were getting worse. “I was constantly suffering from severe stomach pains and nausea. I decided to register for a lecture by Annemarie and her Lifestyle Docs team. I was like: wouldn't it be great if those complaints would disappear with their nutrition method The SSD Plan! I also thought: I'll see, I always learn something from it. The presentation was very inspiring and interesting. Finally not only good, but targeted nutritional advice that you can immediately use in daily life. And SSD turned out to have many more health benefits, in addition to losing weight quickly. It was an eye-opener for me that this way of eating also has a very beneficial effect on exactly all the other ailments and discomforts that I had as a wheelchair user with a sedentary life”.

“SSD also has a very beneficial effect on my bowel movement, which has improved by 80%”.

He first started a bit with the French battle, and sometimes allowed himself a "nice trip" in the beginning. But after a few weeks Marc switched completely to SSD and immediately lost 8 kilos in 4 months. He now feels that the tide has turned as far as his health is concerned. “I now weigh 79 kg. So I've already lost 29 kilos since I really started this seriously, in August 2019. Not through extra exercise, because that's very difficult when you're in a wheelchair, but purely through changing my eating pattern. SSD also has a very beneficial effect on my bowel movements, which have improved by 80%, and many foods, for example, also have an anti-inflammatory effect and a promoting effect on blood flow (such as blueberries)”.

“I also no longer have the urge to eat other (wrong) food”.

Lighter life

His feet and legs are also much better now. “Because of the lack of feeling and poor blood circulation in my legs, pressure points and wounds would not heal, so they often became very deep. At one point I had a pressure spot on my foot due to my shoe that was too tight. Due to poor blood flow, it did not heal and gradually turned into a gaping, deep wound. Miracle came with it. I had to take a whole pharmacy worth of antibiotics for this. And because of that eraser I had constant high fevers, often up to 40 degrees or higher. So I was really sick of that. The antibiotics sometimes made me feel a bit better, but in the end even the antibiotics stopped working. The wound would not heal due to poor blood flow.

The situation lasted 2 years, because the surgeons tried again and again to close that deep wound. Unfortunately, at a certain point that simply does not work anymore. In addition, I was constantly very sick of it. This also put a huge strain on my body. So one day I took the plunge myself and told the doctor to amputate my lower leg. I was like: it's intense, but then I'll be rid of the culprit for good and I can start building up again'.

That is now 13 years ago, and 6 years ago, again due to erysipelas, a piece of my stump had to be amputated. Now, because of all the knowledge I have gained from SSD, I now know that blood sugar levels have a major influence on getting inflammation and wound healing. Because I now eat the way I eat, my legs and right foot have been doing very well lately. Apart from the physical, I'm just so much more comfortable in my skin. Sometimes I don't even recognize myself anymore, when I see photos from a year ago, for example. Then I think: not only my body but my whole life has become so much lighter”.

“I can use my creativity in the kitchen more than ever!”


Marc agrees that eating according to the SSD method can be quite a switch in the beginning. “Especially if, like me, you were used to a traditional diet of potatoes, vegetables and meat. When I tell people about it, the first reaction is often: 'Well, I couldn't do that, never again a piece of meat for dinner'. Or: 'No meat and dairy at all? Aren't you afraid that you will lack nutrients?' And quite honestly, before I started with SSD I had those thoughts too. Never eating a sandwich again seemed very difficult to me at first. But that's all unbelievable.

I don't miss that sandwich at all now. And I have now also found out that you can get all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from plant-based food and that you really don't compromise on enjoyment and fun. The things you are allowed to eat are delicious and you can actually eat as much as you want. I also no longer have the urge to eat other (wrong) foods. I am also glad that I no longer have the urge to have a sandwich for breakfast in the morning, because I have always loved bread. The whole SSD is not too bad for me anyway. Because of the things I'm not ′′ allowed ′′ to eat since I've been eating SSD, I was curious in the beginning if I would keep it up. But SSD is now completely integrated into my life.

Of course I still like tasty things. For example, baking is my great hobby. I've already conjured up a lot of delicious pies, cakes and other baked goods from my oven. You can always find me in my kitchen. At first I was quite afraid that I would miss it. But nothing is less true. I still cook and bake to my heart's content, only the SSD way. For example, nowadays I often make the most delicious oat bread or buckwheat bread. And I even made an “SSD-proof” butter cake. I have really become an expert in making recipes “SSD-proof”. Wonderful to do. I can use my creativity in the kitchen more than ever!"

Marc's tips

1 By eating whole food plant-based, you lose weight 2 to 3 times faster than with regular diets.

2 With SSD you have the guarantee that it will largely remedy your physical complaints (such as my stomach / abdominal pain and bad bowel movements).

3 Eating plant-based doesn't just make you feel better. You will also look brighter and healthier.

4 It is really a prejudice that plant-based foods are less tasty than non-vegetable foods. It is a change in lifestyle for a while, but once you are used to it, you no longer need any other (bad) food.


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