Lifestyle treatments

Lifestyle treatments

Give yourself another chance!

  • Lose weight with injections

    Lose weight with injections

    Research shows that Saxenda can help with weight loss. It is a proven effective remedy that can be prescribed by a doctor if you have a BMI of 27 or higher and suffer from a weight-related condition, such as high blood fat, diabetes and high blood pressure. If you do not have any chronic conditions, the doctor will only prescribe this medicine if you have a BMI of 30 or higher.

  • Overweight and obesity

    Overweight and obesity

    49% of the Dutch are overweight. How is it possible that you hardly lose weight despite eating little and exercising? How do you lose the excess kilos? Preferably quickly and permanently? How do you get rid of that "square waist" and belly fat? How do you stay slim and healthy in the fattening office jungle and hectic pace of everyday life?

  • (Pre)diabetes type 2

    (Pre)diabetes type 2

    Medication for type 2 diabetes only treats the symptoms, but does not provide a cure.

    In type 2 diabetes, the hormone that regulates your blood sugar (insulin) is less effective. This causes too high a blood sugar level.

    This can lead to long-term damage to the vessels, infections and eye problems.

Steps of our treatment programs

1. Orientation interview
During this conversation, which lasts approximately one hour, you will become acquainted with The Lifestyle Docs Clinics. You will receive information about our approach and our treatment pathways , so that you can make an informed decision about treatment in one of our centers.

2. Interdisciplinary screening
If you have decided to take the next step, an interdisciplinary screening follows. You will have a meeting with a lifestyle coach and/or psychologist. During this screening, we can assess whether a treatment at The Lifestyle Docs Clinics is suitable for you.

3. BOD POD measurement
A treatment process starts with us with a BodPod measurement. The BodPod is the gold standard worldwide, and the fastest and most accurate way to provide insight into your body composition and metabolism.

4. Measure = eat differently
Based on the screening and examinations, you will receive a tailor-made nutrition and lifestyle plan. In the first part of the treatment we make practical plans with you for the future. Awareness, gaining insight and personal responsibility for one's own behavior and habits are paramount.

5. Duration of the treatment course
Depending on the degree of your overweight and/or the severity of your condition, you will start an initial treatment program of at least 3 months. During these first 3 months you will receive a weekly follow-up interview, you will be measured and weighed again. Depending on the results achieved, a follow-up process will be started.

6. Short term results

The results of the change in your diet and lifestyle will become tangible and visible in a short time. The effects of your healthy diet and lifestyle can be measured in weight loss, better blood values, better sleep, more inner peace, feeling more vital and clearer, looking better and an improved quality of life.


7. Sustainable results

Together with you, we ensure that these positive changes are permanent, and we teach you to recognize and acknowledge any setbacks without losing your motivation. You will learn how to sustainably adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle pattern, based on a healthy self-image and healthy self-awareness.

8. Follow-up program

After your first journey with us, do you have difficulty sticking to the new path? Do you experience brief setbacks and loss of motivation? Then we offer various resources for further coaching. For example, skype, telephone consultations and/or E-health. Together with you, we look at the frequency in which this is desired and/or necessary.

9. Annual Return

Once a year we would like to welcome you again. To celebrate your successes and to see where things can be even healthier or better on some points. You can also have us do a new BODPOD measurement to keep your finger on the pulse and to continue to monitor your personal results accurately.

  • "The doctor of the future will not prescribe medication, but will interest his patients in caring for their own body, healthy nutrition and the causes and prevention of disease." ~Thomas Edison
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