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Treatment results

  • 13% average weight loss

    13% average weight loss

    Our patients achieved a sustainable average weight loss of 13%

  • 1.4% HbA1c

    1.4% HbA1c

    A reduction in the blood glucose level (0.1% per kg of weight loss)

  • 74% less medication

    74% less medication

    Less medication, which inspires patients to self-management and maintain sustainable weight loss

Research results:
The Lifestyle Docs Intervention

Our research shows that The Lifestyle Docs patients can actually lose weight and improve their health!

In our largest and comprehensive study The Lifestyle Docs GLI, we achieved the following results with our patients:

  • Significant weight loss reduced body weight by 13% in the first 12 weeks of the program
  • Even with peaks of 20% in the 52nd week
  • Body composition greatly improved. In terms of BMI this decreased by at least 4 points.
  • The percentage of fat mass decreased on average by approximately 13% during the first months of the lifestyle intervention (measured in the BODPOD: method SIRI & Brozek
  • Waist circumference decreased by an average of 12.7 cm
  • Total cholesterol improved. HDL cholesterol levels increased by 33% in 8 months. The dangerous LDL levels actually decreased to healthy values
  • A reduction in the blood glucose value (0.1% per kg weight loss) to 1.4% HbA1c
  • 74% less medication, which inspires patients to self-management and maintain sustainable weight loss


      The GLI Lifestyle Docs® stands out for its evidence-based approach to treatment, backed by clinical research. The Lifestyle Docs Clinics® offers proven and personalized lifestyle treatment.

      As the market leader in medical guidance for weight management provided by medical specialists, our clinical research is an integral part of our protocol and policy.

      Overweight and obesity and type 2 diabetes are one of the fastest growing and most threatening chronic conditions in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. It is no surprise that many physicians and other healthcare providers often feel powerless and frustrated in the often daunting task of addressing weight problems and diabetes in their patients.

      Overweight, obesity and diabetes affect the physical, emotional and social aspects of patients. Healthcare providers, like patients, are exposed to a variety of information about its prevention, treatment and aftercare. This makes it increasingly difficult to determine which treatments are truly effective and sustainable.

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