Long Covid Rehabilitation

Long Covid Rehabilitation

Treatment for long-term complaints after corona

If you have been infected with the COVID-19 virus, you may experience physical and psychological complaints. Loss of fitness, chronic fatigue, difficulty with daily activities, sports or work, lack of focus and concentration, are common complaints that limit your daily functioning and quality of life.

Do you have several of the above complaints? And did you undergo hospital and/or intensive care admission during your corona infection? Then you can contact us for specialist medical rehabilitation. You must have been referred by the hospital's general practitioner or medical specialist and be free of complaints for 48 hours. A team of experienced specialists is at your service.

Customized treatment

Our rehabilitation program is aimed at helping you to function optimally in your daily life. Based on the intake interview, we advise you on the most suitable route. Depending on your situation, for example, a rehabilitation doctor, exercise expert, but also a dietician are involved. A good intestinal microbiota (previously called 'gut flora') is essential for the optimal functioning of your immune system. In persons with a corona infection, this composition appears to be different from that in healthy persons. Recent research indicates that a lasting imbalance in the gut microbiota probably plays a role in the slow recovery of some corona patients.

Post COVID Condition (Long COVID)

Some people continue to experience long-term health problems after being infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19). When these problems persist for 3 months or longer, this is referred to as Post-COVID Syndrome, or Long COVID. A lot of research is being conducted, both in the Netherlands and in other countries, to find out more about this new condition.

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